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While attending a reputable institution and performing well academically are certainly foundational to future success, learning how to market yourself to prospective employers is now instrumental to differentiate yourself from other candidates. Evolutz Academy acknowledges that there is no single solution to this dilemma; a one-size-fits-all approach to professional development will usually fail to meet your expectations.

Nevertheless, the modules of this course will provide you with a wide array of (tried and tested) materials to help you navigate the daunting (but also exciting) journey of carving out your professional path. Some of our suggestions will seem obvious and/or repetitive, while others will truly inspire you.

Suzanna Alsayed, the founder of Evolutz Academy

Suzanna Alsayed

The only person you should compare yourself to is the person you used to be in the past. Keep growing


Course Offerings

How to organize and optimize your profile and online presence

Module 1

Organization 101

The beauty of organization is that it can be done digitally or physically.

Module 2

Social Media Presence

Your online presence can make or break your ability to land the job you want.

Module 3

Building Your Resume

Your resume should be short, sweet, and error-free.

Module 4

Your Cover Letter

Your cover letter is a written version of your best elevator pitch.

Module 5

Your Interview

The interview is where you convert the recruiter's original interest into a job offer.

Module 6

Post Academic Steps

The corporate world is very different from post-secondary education.


What's Included

As part of course registration, you will receive the following

What's included
  • Short and concise courses that you can immediately apply to your current brand (can be completed at your own pace!)
  • Online materials (PDF)
  • Online agendas and calendars
  • Notebooks/Agendas (for purchase)
  • Course completion certificate (provided at the end of the course

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